Heroes Page

We have heroes at the firm. The heroes are not the lawyers or the awesome staff or even the wives or the husbands that support us. The heroes are our clients. Out of respect for their privacy we leave the details of their own cases for our jurors to hear. Nevertheless, please allow us to briefly introduce you to some of them.

Rex Baker - Rex was a father, a husband, and he was the salt of the earth. Blue collar and calluses for days. We miss you Rex.
Doris Beltran - Doris is a giving caring mother, a hard worker, a humble beautiful person. Wronged but still generous.  We are glad she is in our lives.

Art Coughlin - Our friend Art. He is a husband and a Daddy, a home handy man unmatched, dedicated and persevering. Art is a patriot. We love you Art.

Keith Hilton - Mr. Hilton.  A father and a husband.  Not a lot of noise just alot of substance. Thank you Mr. Hilton.

Joanna Doe - What a powerful enduring person Joanna is. And she doesnt even know it. Thank you Joanna for trusting us with something so important.

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