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There are lots of law firms out there that will take your case. So, why choose us? At The Law Offices of Anthony E. Vieira we have a comittment to excellence that finds its outworking in everything that we do.

Mr. Vieira was a U.S. Government Prosecutor and Defense Counsel; he worked in the elite Major Crimes and Hard Core Gang Units at the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office; he was a U.S. Navy JAGC; and he has won many millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of deserving clients through his work as a civil trial lawyer. In each of these positions Mr. Vieira has been recognized for his skill, hard work, and comittment to doing the right thing. Mr. Vieira has received awards for his work from organizations including the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Department of Justice, and various city and county agencies.

Our other lawyers are similarly well trained, experienced, and comitted to giving our clients the best possible legal representation.

More proof that we are unique? The Law Offices of Anthony E. Vieira is regularly called on to try cases for other firms. We do courtroom work for some of the biggest and most successful firms in the country. Why do they call on us? Because we know how to get it done both in and out of the courtroom. Our comittment to excellence means we are superbly well trained. Our Comittment to excellence means we have the resources necessary to try cases against the Government and against the biggest Corporations. Our comittment to excellence means we will do the work necessary to present a case properly and respectfully to a jury. That means a playing field where our clients get what they deserve. At The Law Offices of Anthony E. Vieira we care passionately about our clients, we care about Justice.

Give us a call if you are in need. We'd like to help.

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