Medical Malpractice

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When you or someone you love falls ill or is injured, it is reasonable to expect that you can turn to professional healthcare providers and medical institutions for competent and timely care. Indeed, the current healthcare system in the United States is founded upon a certain trust that must exist between medical professionals and their patients. To ensure that this trust is not violated, healthcare providers and medical institutions are held to standards of safety and accountability. If they fail to meet these standards, either through carelessness or intentional disregard, they are held liable for any injury or death that results. Anthony Vieira, medical malpractice attorney serving Los Angeles, San Francisco, Ventura County, and all other communities throughout California, offers aggressive legal representation to those who have been harmed by the negligence of healthcare professionals.

Broadly defined, medical malpractice encompasses a wide range of possible errors, including surgical mistakes, the failure to diagnose or properly treat a disease, birth injuries, pharmaceutical mistakes, anesthesia injuries, and hospital negligence. Aside from the physical pain that victims often suffer, the results of medical malpractice can be financially and emotionally catastrophic for both the victim and the victim’s family. Families can find themselves suddenly faced with unexpected hardships, including loss of support and extreme mental anguish. Many victims of medical malpractice are seriously injured, sometimes permanently, while others do not survive.

At The Law Offices of Anthony E. Vieira, we do not believe that you and your family should have to suffer the financial consequences of someone else’s negligence, particularly when that someone is a trusted medical professional. If you are in need of a skilled, experienced medical malpractice attorney serving Los Angeles, San Francisco, Ventura County, and other locations throughout California, Anthony Vieira may be able to help you achieve the justice you deserve. The medical malpractice trial teams of attorney(s) and staff will work with medical professionals in order to build the strongest case possible on your behalf. Depending on the circumstances of your case, they may be able to help you and your family obtain compensation for pain, suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and various other damages.  The trial teams consider all negligent parties – including physicians, doctors, anesthesiologists, hospital administrators, and other staff – ensuring that they are made to answer for any negligent actions.

Anthony Vieira cares about people. It is our primary goal to pursue truth and justice and assist those who have been harmed by the negligent acts of others. If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, please contact attorney Anthony Vieira for an evaluation of your case.

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